More Projects

"Threshold" at Freemote Festival

Art Project

I was part of a team of 8 digital artists, musicians and programmers who created an installation for the Freemote Festival over a period of 5 days in Utrecht in the Netherlands. The installation combined Microsoft Kinect sensors with generative real time graphics and music. I was responsible for interfacing with two Kinect devices using C# and extracting data to be sent to graphics generation code (running VVVV) and the music generation code (running MAX/MSP). A video documentary of the project is available. read more...


WeLens Inc

WeLens is an interactive and immersive 360° video viewing app for iOS that allows a viewer to have a full 3D experience - all through their phone. I built WeLens using Objective C for the video player and React Native for the rest of the UI. React Native enabled rapid feature iteration, meaning that the less performance-intensive parts of the codebase can be shared with the Android port which will soon follow.



Geneix urgently needed an iPad prototype of their interAct software to aid doctors in choosing drug combinations without negative side effects. I built the app using web technologies, HTML5 and JavaScript with Google's Angular.JS framework, along with Node.JS.

Spawnsong is a vibrant start-up that wants to change the way you listen to music. Justin Kim, Spawnsong's founder, contacted me to take the project from idea to production – and I did just that.

Node.JS Library: through2-concurrent

Open Source

through2-concurrent is one of quite a few open source libraries I have written and released. At the time of writing it gets 265,304 downloads a month and is in the top 1% of modules on NPM (Node Package Manager). The library helps add concurrency to Node.JS programs making use of streams.

D3.JS Talk

Conference Talk

I recently gave a talk on using D3.JS to create interactive visualisations at the 2016 PyData Paris conference and a second time a few months later at PyData London. Slides for the talk are available online and the slides themselves make use of D3 to build an interactive visualisation of how D3 works.

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