D3.js is a fantastic web-based interactive visualisation library built in JavaScript that can display data through attractive visuals with smooth, elegant transitions. I can work with your designs to breath life and interactivity into them or I can tap into my network of designers, and we can lead you through the creative process, step-by-step.

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D3.js Projects

Pluralsight: Course Visualisation


Pluralsight wanted an interactive visualisation to celebrate their milestone of 5,000 courses available to students all over the globe. They wanted to represent each course as a box, and have them simultaneously change with user activity. I used D3.js to develop the core of the visualisation but then rendered to canvas to support the huge number of items. Check out the live result on Pluralsight. I also wrote an article for Pluralsight about using Canvas with D3.jS.

Interactive Visualisations

The International Labour Organisation

The ILO needed an interactive visualisation that examined and explained the problem of forced labour in an engaging and elegant manner. The concept and designs were created by Bliink, while I coded the interactivity using JavaScript and D3.js. You can view demos here, here and here (made for iPad but is also Chrome-compatible).

D3.JS Talk

Conference Talk

I recently gave a talk on using D3.JS to create interactive visualisations at the 2016 PyData Paris conference and a second time a few months later at PyData London. Slides for the talk are available online and the slides themselves make use of D3 to build an interactive visualisation of how D3 works.

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