For flexibility and speedy development nothing beats Python. Django, for me, is the best way to create both content and data-based websites, along with beautiful, modular, and accessible APIs. Python has incredible scientific applications and capabilities. I've used this potential to its fullest with libraries such as NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, OpenCV and scikit-learn to process and visualise data, develop and implement computer vision processes, and build machine learning models.

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Python Projects

Buzzshot - Escape Room Software

Buzzshot is software for Escape Rooms used by Escape Room owners to engage their players before and after the game, saving them time and garnering them more reviews. It features Tablet based Player Check In and waivers, branded Team Photos and automatic followup by SMS and Email. Buzzshot is my own product and is what I now spend most of my time on. It features a tablet/mobile app for android and iOS written in React Native and a back end system written in Django.

Colour Crush Magic Mirror

The Body Shop

The Body Shop wanted a fun way to get people talking about their new Colour Crush Collection. Photobot.Co thought of a 'Magic Mirror' that would take pictures from multiple angles in response to a tweet. I brought this vision to life, tying together 15 Raspberry Pi computers equipped with cameras, and an Arduino microcontroller.

Spawnsong is a vibrant start-up that wants to change the way you listen to music. Justin Kim, Spawnsong's founder, contacted me to take the project from idea to production – and I did just that.

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