Arduino has become the obvious choice for many of my microcontroller projects. I've been responsible for coding of multiple projects for the Arduino amongst other microcontrollers, ranging from digital photo booths, robotic musical instruments, and penalty-taking robots!

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Arduino Projects

Singing Bowl Automatons

Lush Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics wanted a fun interactive installation for the launch event of their new Karma treatment. I worked with Ten Hertz to create a set of ten Tibetan Singing Bowl automatons set on individual plinths with hammers that would strike the bowls when someone came near. The plinths were arranged along a corridor creating a pleasing sequence of sounds as people walked by. read more...

Colour Crush Magic Mirror

The Body Shop

The Body Shop wanted a fun way to get people talking about their new Colour Crush Collection. Photobot.Co thought of a 'Magic Mirror' that would take pictures from multiple angles in response to a tweet. I brought this vision to life, tying together 15 Raspberry Pi computers equipped with cameras, and an Arduino microcontroller.

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