Node.JS is the hottest new server side environment, allowing the use of JavaScript on the backend and with a huge uptake and many many developers. I use Node.JS to build realtime APIs for mobile apps and web applications. I recently built a realtime bidding system for an auction house and have released a lot of open source code on NPM, the Node Package Manager, which collectively get more than a quarter of a million monthly downloads.

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Node.JS Projects

Drum Web Collaboration Application

Netdev Ltd

As the lead developer on a small team of freelancers assembled by Dharmafly I architected and worked on the build for a large part of the web and mobile components of the Drum conferencing software including a RESTful and Hyperlinked API using Node.JS and a rich client based on Backbone.JS.

Node.JS Library: through2-concurrent

Open Source

through2-concurrent is one of quite a few open source libraries I have written and released. At the time of writing it gets 265,304 downloads a month and is in the top 1% of modules on NPM (Node Package Manager). The library helps add concurrency to Node.JS programs making use of streams.

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