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It used to be the case that creating apps for iOS devices was limited only to Objective C. No longer. Since the single-language paradigm removes the ability to create cross-platform apps. Now, with a potent mix of native code and JavaScript using React Native, I can create fantastic apps using JavaScript that can also support Android devices.

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iPhone & iPad Projects

Best Coffee Guide

Paced Group

Best Coffee is your trusted guide to the global speciality coffee scene. It knows that you value your time and your money and will show you at a glance all the caf├ęs near you that serve coffee worth seeking out.

Paced Group wanted a cross platform app built quickly for both iOS and Android but without sacrificing quality. Working together with Matt Oakes we were able to take a fantastic design by Olly Thomas and build a quality app simultaneously for both iOS and Android using React Native. Check it out on the App Store or the Play Store today



No memos, voice notes, just take a picture of what you want to remember. Faster, quicker and more intuitive than text memos or voice notes. You take your photo then sort with categories, add tags, set reminders.

Working with designer Olly Thomas I was able to rapidly build PIFL using React Native, initially for iPhone but coming soon to Android. You can download PIFL from the App Store now.


WeLens Inc

WeLens is an interactive and immersive 360° video viewing app for iOS that allows a viewer to have a full 3D experience - all through their phone. I built WeLens using Objective C for the video player and React Native for the rest of the UI. React Native enabled rapid feature iteration, meaning that the less performance-intensive parts of the codebase can be shared with the Android port which will soon follow.

Active Inbox Mobile

The Inbox Foundry Ltd

When Active Inbox wanted to provide a mobile experience, they couldn't take the same route as they had on the desktop. What they needed instead was a complete mobile email client for both iOS and Android. As Lead Architect/Developer of a small team of programmers and designers, I continued to develop and improve the application.

React Native was used to develop the app in order to allow cross-platform code reuse without sacrificing quality. The app has been launched on both the iOS App store and Google's Android Play Store&emdash;all from a single codebase.



Geneix urgently needed an iPad prototype of their interAct software to aid doctors in choosing drug combinations without negative side effects. I built the app using web technologies, HTML5 and JavaScript with Google's Angular.JS framework, along with Node.JS.

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